Short Snout Media is a video production company with a wide range of skills, drones, cameras and viewpoints. With years of experience in aerial videography, camera operating and post-production services, we can film anywhere, produce anything and make waves wherever we go.

Aerial videography and photography is the corner stone of SSM. Utilising a combination of industry standard DJI and custom built solutions, our licensed pilots are capable of extended flight times, indoor and outdoor FPV flights and remote filming.

Videography is at the core of what we do. Our camera operators use Sony’s film and television standard equipment for shooting a range of content, from events to perfectly lit interviews; from just one cameraman to multiple operators, we have the perfect solution for your next shoot.

Post production services are crucial to any production company. With a collective 20 years experience in television and video editing, we’ve got the video and audio production skills to unlock your vision, Using Avid, Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve allows us to have absolute control over our post-production workflow.

Live events are an exciting and varied area of production, covering music festivals, sporting events, conferences and esports. We can create a bespoke package of cameras, graphics, reliable live streaming uplink and direction for your next event, reaching a worldwide audience with a live stream, or enhancing your customers' experience with video wall coverage

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